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Keynote Speakers

  • Nate Berkopec
    Nate Berkopec

    Nate is a Rails performance expert. He’s the author of several books, and he also maintains the Puma web server project.

  • Noah Gibbs
    Noah Gibbs

    Noah spent many years charting exactly how fast Ruby is for various tasks, and continues this work at On the YJIT team, he bothers younger, more vigorous programmers with questions like, “would you say five warmup iterations are enough if we set this parameter?”

  • Siddharth Sharma
    Siddharth Sharma

    Siddharth is the CTO of InVideo. He has been a Ruby developer for fifteen years and has also been an investment banker and musician.

  • Yarden Laifenfeld
    Yarden Laifenfeld

    Yarden is a Software Engineer at Rookout, where you can find her in the office jumping between 6 different programming languages a day. She loves learning about new technology, creating iOS apps and making everything she can automated.


  • Aaron Cruz
    Aaron Cruz

    Elixir developer, former Ruby dev for over a decade. Freelancer, streaming at Podcasting about freelancing for software devs at

  • Anita Jaszewska
    Anita Jaszewska

    Anita is a self-learner who entered the Ruby world in 2013 as a backend developer. Since then, she has started a master’s degree in psychology. Initially a hobby, with time, psychology turned into a valuable experience that helped her transition to a managerial path in IT.

  • Charles Oliver Nutter
    Charles Oliver Nutter

    Charles works on JRuby and JVM language technologies at Red Hat.

  • Cristian Planas
    Cristian Planas

    Cristian is a software engineer in love with Ruby. He has been working with Rails since the release of Rails 3, more than 10 years ago. Currently, he leads performance optimization efforts at Zendesk as a Group Tech Lead.

  • Jeremy Evans
    Jeremy Evans

    Jeremy Evans is a Ruby committer who focuses on fixing bugs in Ruby. He the lead developer of the Sequel database library, the Roda web toolkit, the Rodauth authentication framework, and many other Ruby libraries. He is the author of “Polished Ruby Programming”.

  • JĂ´natas Paganini
    JĂ´natas Paganini

    Nerd, cyclist, and blogger. JĂ´natas is a pair programming evangelist, Vim editor user and enthusiast.

  • Michael Milewski
    Michael Milewski

    Michael is a developer keen on the people side of things. He loves pairing, and in particular with people new to writing software. He especially likes driving software out with tests and directing the evolution of the design. In his spare time he is busy camping with his 4 kids.

  • Paolo Perrotta
    Paolo Perrotta

    Paolo Perrotta is the author of “Metaprogramming Ruby” and “Programming Machine Learning”. He's been coding for most of his life, ranging from embedded to enterprise software, computer games, and web apps. He lives in Bologna, Italy.

  • Ratnadeep Deshmane
    Ratnadeep Deshmane

    Ratnadeep (rtdp), is a software craftsman, an entrepreneur and work with Ruby for the past 13 years. He runs a Rails consulting company BetaCraft Technologies. Earlier he was a digital nomad and changed his location every few weeks, coding Ruby and exploring places.

  • Rodrigo Urubatan Ferreira Jardim
    Rodrigo Urubatan Ferreira Jardim

    Rodrigo works with development since 1997, have worked with many languages and platforms before falling in love with Ruby and now has the objective to help developers to use the best tools for each job so they can solve hard problems, with less bugs and have more free time.

  • Selena Small
    Selena Small

    Selena is a full-stack lead engineer at Fresho in Melbourne Australia who is particularly passionate about TDD. As a self-taught coder with a background in management, she is well-equipped to mentor others. In her spare time, she is a nak muay ying, a professional kickboxer.

  • Stephan Eberle
    Stephan Eberle

    Stephan is working as a Software Developer at NEW WORK SE! When not working he's traveling with his family, hiking or sailing.

  • Thatthep Vorrasing
    Thatthep Vorrasing

    Audy's background is as a backend developer, then he's focused on SysAdmin/DevOps for the last 8 years. The guy who gets excited when talking about cloud technology and container orchestration!

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley

    Tim is a core team member of Hanami, dry-rb and rom-rb, and a Principal Engineer at Buildkite. He’s been writing Ruby for over 20 years and still loves it! He works to bring the joy of Ruby to the experience of writing real, maintainable apps of all shapes and sizes.

  • Yuji Yokoo
    Yuji Yokoo

    Yuji is a software developer based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He used to be a Windows desktop application developer until he discovered Ruby.