September 6-7, 2019

Join us for the first Ruby Conference in Bangkok


  • Photo of Tim Riley
    Tim Riley

    Tim is a partner at Icelab, an Australian design agency, and a committed open source software contributor. He’s a co-founder and core team member of dry-rb, core team member of rom-rb, and part of the team building Hanami 2.

  • Photo of Richard Schneeman
    Richard Schneeman

    Richard codes for Heroku & is married to Ruby, literally. He built, the easiest way to get started contributing to Open Source. He also runs a quirky conf in Austin, Texas @keeprubyweird.

  • Photo of Saron Yitbarek
    Saron Yitbarek

    Saron is the CEO and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She's also a developer, speaker, and podcaster.

  • Photo of Ajey Gore
    Ajey Gore

    Ajey is the Group CTO of Go-Jek. With 17 years of experience in building core technology strategy across diverse domains, Ajey has helped several businesses through technology transformations at ThoughtWorks and CodeIgnition.

  • Photo of Radoslav Stankov
    Radoslav Stankov

    Radoslav is currently the Head of Engineering at Product Hunt (by AngelList). Lately, juggling between Ruby and JavaScript projects. Organizer of React.NotAConf conference and React.Sofia meetup.

  • Photo of Piotr Murach
    Piotr Murach

    Piotr is a Software Engineer with an interest in tooling, automation, and testing. A creator of over 50 Ruby gems including the TTY toolkit for building sleek command line apps. He writes about software, technology and more on

  • Photo of Giovanni Sakti
    Giovanni Sakti

    Gio comes from Jakarta where he works for Go-Jek as a Systems Engineer. He organizes various meetups, including and His interests include programming languages and developer automation.

  • Photo of Vishal Chandnani
    Vishal Chandnani

    Vishal test-drives clean code at Def Method in New York City. Previously, he developed software for the US Government Intelligence Community at The Boeing Company and software for wireless communication systems at Lucent Technologies.

  • Photo of Leandro Ostera
    Leandro Ostera

    Leandro is a Research Engineer at SRC, where he's rebuilding the foundations of the Web using ReasonML and the Actor model. In the past he has worked at Swedish unicorns Klarna and Spotify.

  • Photo of Tae Noppakun Wongsrinoppakun
    Tae Noppakun Wongsrinoppakun

    Tae is originally from Bangkok, but lives in Tokyo. Currently, he is a Software Engineer at Wovn Technologies building a platform to localize the internet. If he is not in front of his laptop or Nintendo Switch, he is probably on a mountain somewhere.

  • Photo of Kazuma Furuhashi
    Kazuma Furuhashi

    Kazuma is a Programmer and the Creator of a visualization library named Charty. A member of Asakusa.rb and Red Data Tools. Working at Speee Inc.

  • Photo of Gabriel Fortuna
    Gabriel Fortuna

    Gabriel is the Founder of Zero One Bespoke Software Development, a South African Ruby consultancy that specialises in software for the Telecom industry. In his day job, he tells computers what to do. Sometimes they listen.

  • Photo of Rodrigo Urubatan
    Rodrigo Urubatan

    Rodrigo is a experienced polyglot Software Developer since 1997. He currently works for Brightwire and has the goal to help Ruby developers to use the best tools for each job, so they can solve hard problems, with less bugs and have more free time.

  • Photo of Sergey Dolganov
    Sergey Dolganov

    Sergey is an experienced Software Developer interested in building a strong and sustainable community around OSS and likes to discuss different ways to profile, debug and optimize applications. He also loves dogs and is a drummer and musician.

  • Photo of Jaroslava Košanová
    Jaroslava Košanová

    Jarka is Ruby Backend Engineer working on GitLab, a single application with features for the entire DevOps lifecycle. She really enjoys working for the remote-only company because she has an active lifestyle and takes care of her 1.5 year old daughter.

  • Photo of Harley Davidson Karel
    Harley Davidson Karel

    Harley is an Application Security Consultant for Vantage Point Security. Certified Ethical Hacker, speaker for several conferences in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok with topics related to application security.

  • Photo of Shweta Kale
    Shweta Kale

    Shweta is an avid Rubyist and Gopher working with Josh Software from past 5 years. She co-organises RubyConf India, Deccan RubyConf, RailsGirls Pune and GoLang Girls Pune.

  • Photo of Phil Nash
    Phil Nash

    Phil is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio and a Google Developer Expert. 10 years of experience building with JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. Sometimes he makes his own beer, but he is more likely to be found discovering new ones around the world.

  • Photo of Vipul Am
    Vipul Am

    Vipul is the Founder of Saeloun Inc, a Ruby on Rails Consultancy. Part of the Rails team. Author of ReactJS by Example. He helps run the Pune Ruby and ReactJS Pune communities. He also organizes Deccan RubyConf in Pune.

  • Photo of Melvrick Goh
    Melvrick Goh

    Melvrick is a Senior Engineer at Ascenda Loyalty and currently leads TransferConnect. He likes coding an Ruby makes it even more joyful. Outside of work, he likes reading, an occasional jog and writing in the 3rd person for conference intros.

  • Photo of Enrique Mogollan
    Enrique Mogollan

    Enrique has been writing code passionately for more than 12 years. He is a big fan of pair programming and believes that collaborative environments are the key to promote quality code and improve software design.

  • Photo of Anton Davydov
    Anton Davydov

    Anton is a Hanami and dry-rb Core Developer and an indie developer from Moscow. He works on different open source projects and builds space-rocket ships at night.

  • Photo of Elle Meredith
    Elle Meredith

    Elle is a Web Developer with over ten years experience writing Ruby and Rails. Currently at Blackmill, previously Development Director at Thoughtbot New York. When not immersed in the Ruby community, she is likely immersed in water, or lately, in bread flour.

  • Photo of Janko Marohnić
    Janko Marohnić

    Janko is a Ruby off Rails evangelist and a frequent open source contributor. He firmly believes the future of the Ruby ecosystem lies outside of Rails, and frequently blogs about it. He is the Creator of Shrine, a modern file attachment library for Ruby.



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The event will take place in the heart of Bangkok in the conveniently located Pullman Bangkok King Power near Victory Monument. The venue is accessible both by BTS (Victory Monument) and the Airport Link (Phaya Thai).

First time in Bangkok? Check out our travel guide and A-Z of practicalities.

Pullman Bangkok King Power 8-2 Rang Nam Alley Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
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